Thursday, August 25, 2005

Crossroads in the Labyrinth - A Plea

I was reading an interview with Cornelius Castoriadis in an old issue of Radical Philosophy recently, in which he discussed his work on the Labour Theory of Value, observing that he'd dealt with it and discarded the theory in the above-named book. At the moment, this is a topic I'm spending a lot of time on, but I'm unable to locate this book anywhere for less than £100, I guess because it's out of print and rare.

If anyone has a copy that they're willing to part with or lend, please get in touch.



Reidski said...

I thought you were jesting with the price until I checked on Amazon - £173?????

John said...

I know! Rarer than a signed copy of the Bible.

John said...

Thanks, David. I saw that before but hadn't figured out how to arrange for a xerox. I'll go look again.