Friday, August 12, 2005

Do You Have the New U2 Album by Coldplay?

Darren does it again. An amusing piece from the Telegraph on the public school background of those generating "bedwetter music."

Not so sure I'd agree with Darren on the quality of the Redskins' singles, mind you. Passable, I think. And as Marc Waller said of their live performances, "Their music was very powerful, I just couldn't stand all the quotes from Chairman Mao."

Mind you, maybe Marc was actually at a Manics gig (or maybe even The Ignition, remember them?) and too out of it to notice.


J.J said...

I've never got over the shock of finding out Joe Strummer went to public school.

griff said...

"my daddy was a senior diplomat in the foreign office" didn't scan as well as "bankrobber".

by the way, i think those redskins singles were ace, too.