Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Just to catch up

Bilbao: shut on Mondays, no nightlife , boring football ground , great galleries.

Since I got back : Laura Cantrell , Pere Ubu , The Aristocrats , Anna Kashfi , Auto Test Pilot 10.

And Alty: 1 for, 17 against.


Lisa Rullsenberg said...

How was Pere Ubu?

I'm ashamed to say I was just too tired to get organised for the Laura Cantrell tickets... love her work though... how was she live?

Martin said...

David Thomas was in fine form if not a little sketchy on some lyrics.He even made the bass player hold up his prompt sheet in front him at one point. I must admit I didn't know the newer stuff but worth it for Non-A-Pact alone.

Laura Cantrell is quite hynoptic live although she could do with rocking out a bit. I saw Chatham County Line on Weds. and they really knew how to swing a bluegrass-country-soul song. Pain in My Heart! tell me about it.