Monday, September 05, 2005

Meaner Streets

From the Fingal Independent:

‘Blood will be spilled’ if cinema project fails

By Donncha Mac Raghnaill

BLOOD will be spilled on the streets of Balbriggan if the proposed cinema does not go ahead, a local councillor has stated, as a new push to get an operator is made.

Cllr Heidi Bedell (Green Party) was one of the councillors who met representatives working for McEneaney Construction, who have built the cinema structure as part of the town centre Gallen’s Mills development.

She said that an offer to give the Town Council a part of the space in lieu of the cinema was rejected by councillors present.

‘The people of Balbriggan would be very, very disappointed and that is putting it mildly, if it is not a cinema,’ Ms Bedell said.

‘There would be blood over the streets and rightly so,’ she said. ‘They must sell it to the highest bidder – if they make a loss then that’s tough, it’s business and they made a profit on the other parts, after all it was a total package.’

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