Tuesday, October 11, 2005

A Gated Community on Wheels

That's the very apt description of the SUV given by Potter and Heath in this book, which I've just begun. According to the Guardian, it's now possible for SUV owners to purchase spray-on mud just to give their car an air of authenticity and to disguise the fact that they've never driven it further than Sainsbury's carpark.

In Paris, a group of eco-warriors operating under the name Les Dégonflés have been touring the capital letting down the tires on SUVs using bicycle pumps, a form of protest apparently legal in France.

It occurred to me that perhaps some form of synergy is in order here. If SUV owners want to look like credible off-roaders, perhaps the protestors could help by spraying mud INSIDE the SUVs, through open windows, say. After all, if you've ever been inside an off-road vehicle, it's always caked in mud. Why not take the driver's desire at face value? That way, everybody wins.

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