Thursday, October 27, 2005

Jordi - You're Wanted

Deaglan has a depressing account of his experiences at the Anarchist Bookfair and its aftermath. He asks

"Where is some CNT militiaman with a rifle when you need him?"

But I don't think he means "to shoot the police."


John said...

Hi Deaglan--

My mistake. In my experience, the bookfair itself was usually underwhelming (with the exception of my first encounter with Solidarity described elsewhere on this blog) but the post-bookfair get-togethers generally made up for it. Sounds from your own and Jordi's account below that this occasion would have been true to the norm were it not for the dog-on-a-string brigade.

We really must pit them against one another sometime: Dog-on-a-string Brigade vs. the Durutti Column (not the Vini Reilly version, obviously)

jordi said...

Well, guys, I'm afraid I'm more of a cava anarchist than a CNT militiaman... But I agree with you, Deaglan, the post-anarchist bookfair stuff was pointless and depressing. Calling people to confront the police (like one guy in the pub did) will only get you arrested and put other people's safety at risk. I guess the cops enjoyed their bit of Saturday night fun!

1212121212 said...

If the Durutti Column (the Vini Reilly version) had been playing on the now notorious sound system, or ghetto blaster, or whatever the hell it was, everyone in the pub would have been a lot calmer, and even the fuzz might have enjoyed it.

John said...

Ah yes, I look forward to the day when Anarchist bookfairs and police riot helmets both have a bit of Bach piped in through speakers.

When I used to go down to the old Autonomy Club in Wapping of a Friday afternoon in the 80s, the only event of any note was a game of chess. And on the odd occasion the local bobby would poke his head round the door and come in for a cuppa tea, just like on Heartbeat.

And the little rascals outside would set fire to his car.

Happy Days.