Friday, October 14, 2005

My Sweetheart Has to Wales A-Flown

Actually she's gone by ferry, but it doesn't scan so well.

She's part of a union delegation sent to attend this conference in Llandudno for a few days, leaving me with the peace and quiet to work on my novel about an 80-year-old contract killer named Elsie, although I'll probably spend the weekend watching Villa v. Blues, drinking Johnnie Walker Black Label, smoking a Romeo y Julieta Churchill or two, and surfing the Web for porn.


John said...

Fuck it, I might as well admit to being Joe McManus here and now judging by that list.

Unknown said...

lol - Scotch, cigars and porn - sounds like my kinda good time, though I preffer Monte Cristos and Laphroaig.