Monday, October 10, 2005

Priests hold Car Park to ransom in Wicklow

From the Wicklow People:

New Priest could bring end to car park delays

Delays over Wicklow town's multi-storey car park could soon come to an end with the introduction of a new Parish Priest, Fr. Tim Hannon.

The council require a small bit of land belonging to the parish for the exit of the planned car park.

Long standing Parish Priest Frank McDonnell is being replaced by the former Rathdrum parish priest, and Fr. Hannon has indicated to the council that he is very eager to get the matter dealt with.

At this month's town council meeting on Monday, Cllr. Bob Kearns angrily slammed the lack of progress being made, and laid the blame solely at the feet of the Church.

'It is a disgrace to hold this car park to ransom,' fumed Cllr. Long (sic). 'Parking is the biggest issue there is in this town.'

Town clerk, Frank O'Toole, expected things to speed up with once the new Parish Priest is in place. Discussions with Fr. McDonnell had been ongoing also.

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