Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The Sublime and the Ridiculous

Today's New York Times:

The Sublime: Curse of the Were-Rabbit

The Ridiculous: What to do with Lenin

Whatever they do with the body, don't let Putin have a say or it'll end up in prison.

Maybe they could put it in the movies. The folks at Aardman Features are superb at stop-motion animation. They could work Lenin into the next Wallace and Gromit movie, perhaps.

Just a thought.


Ed said...

Put him on Ebay.

Jose said...

It's funny, this Summer I saw them both Gromit and Lenin.
By the way, if you like the Wallace and Gromit short films, don't miss the feature film. Here we will be able to watch a decent version in Spanish, "La maldición de las verduras", and also in Catalan, "La maledicció de les verdures".

John said...

What does the title mean, Jose?

Are you doing any subtitles for it, or is it all dubbed?

I imagine Gromit was more animated than Lenin.


Jose said...

The title means "The Curse of the Vegetables" (it has no sense, really). And yes, I translated the dubbed Spanish version. But I know the Catalan version is also rather good. ;-)

John said...

"Curse of the Vegetables." The same title we give over here to the Conservative Party Conference.

Martin said...

What's catalan for "prize marrow"? I understand the animators had to reshoot some of the movie for the US replacing the characters mouthing of "marrow" to "squash".

John said...

The Catalan for "prize marrow" is "Jonathan Woodgate."

Jose said...

Marrow in Catalan? Frankly, I already forgot. It should be either "carbassa" or "carbassó"... or "Jonathan Woodgate". Is that the guy who won nothing with Real Madrid last year?