Thursday, October 13, 2005

They Never Stood A Chance

The Ireland team, I mean, after receiving Uri Geller's blessing.

I have wondered from time to time, sceptic that I am, what would happen if scientific studies revealed that intercessory prayer was actually effective, but that the results were 100% contrary to the wishes of the person praying. It would put sceptics in a bit of a bind, admittedly, but would the faithful reach the logical conclusion that they'd been praying to Satan all that time?

Hence my query: Do you think it possible, judging by his recent performance, that Uri Geller is the Antichrist?

Personally, I don't. As Colm Murphy said on The Panel last week about Pope John Paul II, who died of a urinary tract infection, "The man had fewer magical powers than cranberry juice." But someone needs to explain what happened last night.

Never mind. At least with England qualifying, the Irish will still have someone to support throughout Germany 2006: Whoever the English are playing.

And in the short term, they can console themselves with the news that TV3's Friday movie this week is the stunning masterpiece Glitter.

I can't wait.

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