Monday, October 17, 2005

Two to Look Out For - And Avoid

Reviews from Entertainment Weekly:

Cry_Wolf: contains no actual wolves, but it does have some howlers. ''His buddy list reads like the sex offenders registry,'' snipes one prep schooler of another. Ha, ha, kids these...wait, what? Director Jeff Wadlow's thriller is 10 parts sass to 1 part sense, with twists more self-consciously contorted than a yuppie yoga retreat. The characters — bored rich snots at a suspiciously understaffed private academy, passing time by using the sinister Internet to invent a serial killer (who might already exist) — are nothing but walking attitudes. But even with the wires showing and the Screams of yesteryear ringing in our ears, Cry_Wolf is underscored with idiot adolescent excitement (and gets extra absurdist points for casting Jon Bon Jovi as an educator).

Venom: is a mud-simple horror trudge set in a swamp colony of Abercrombie models. All line up obligingly to get mulched by a zombie redneck (an unwitting repository for evil, thanks to voodoo-tinged snakebites) who is, by far, the most sympathetic presence on screen. You only wish he had more interesting people to kill. That's the trouble with these little Horror Belt towns — no new blood.

Jose, tell us you had nothing to do with dubbing these!

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Jose said...

Nope. Nothing to do with them. But sometimes I have to translate shitty films. Somebody has to do it.