Thursday, November 17, 2005

Class Inequality - We Have the Class and the Inequality

The US population is represented along the length of the football field, arranged in order of income.

Median US family income (the family at the 50 yard line) is ~$40,000 (a stack of $100 bills 1.6 inches high.)

--The family on the 95 yard line earns about $100,000 per year, a stack of $100 bills about 4 inches high.

--At the 99 yard line the income is about $300,000, a stack of $100 bills about a foot high.

--The curve reaches $1 million (a 40 inch high stack of $100 bills) one foot from the goal line.

--From there it keeps going goes up 50 km (~30 miles) on this scale!

More at David Chandler, lifted from Qlipoth.


Martin said...

So if Walter Payton rushes for an average of 60 yards in a season what does this mean in terms of the average family's net income?

John said...

Not a great deal, but it might affect Walter Payton's salary significantly.