Thursday, November 24, 2005

Floundering Dunphy Goes Under

Eamon Dunphy lost it on the TV last night during postmatch discussion of Liverpool's game when Liam Brady laid into his beloved Roy Keane.

The Irish Independent's Kathy Donaghy reports:

"A clearly annoyed Eamon pulled the microphone from his lapel during commentary of the Champions League coverage on RTE 2 in a move reminiscent of his famous pencil-throwing incident live on air during Italia '90."

Mmm. World famous in Ireland.

"Shocked viewers watched as Eamon took exception to fellow pundit Liam Brady's take on Roy Keane's departure from the top premiership club and blasted Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson as having "lost the plot".

"Bristling with annoyance he further hit out at Fergie describing his handling of Keane as "brutal"."

"And he said Sir Alex would regret the day he let the Cork man walk away from Man Utd. Dunphy, who has long been an admirer of Roy Keane and has penned the soccer star's biography, was rankled when the discussion on last night's programme came around to Roy Keane."

"And while it started out as a healthy discussion of the now famous departure, it ended up with Dunphy taking a pot shot at Niall Quinn."

"He described Quinn as "an idiot" and told viewers that if they really wanted to know what the former Ireland international was like, they should go and watch the play 'I, Keano'."

Yes, and if you want to understand the Middle East situation, Eamon recommends you go to see Alan Hughes in Aladdin.

"Last night, Dunphy also made little of the fact that Quinn donated the stg£1m funds he raised from his testimonial to charity."

So presumably Keano is keeping whatever money he gets from his testimonial to himself. And no mention of Gary Kelly here, who set up a hospice in Drogheda with the money from his testimonial. Why pick on big Niall, I wonder.

"A spokeswoman for RTE said last night that things did get heated and Eamon made remarks about Niall Quinn.

"Bill (O'Herlihy) then contested the remarks to contain the situation," the spokeswoman said."

Let me raise the tone a little. A quotation from King Lear for Eamon's consideration:

"Let go thy hold when a great wheel
runs down a hill, lest it break thy neck with
following it: but the great one that goes upward,
let him draw thee after."

D'ye see, Eamon? D'ye see?


Reidski said...

Remember that scene in the film adaptation of Roddy Doyle's The Van (although I'm sure it's in the book also: kids go to the chipper and ask for a "Dunphy and chips". Well, this could mean one of two things (or both, I suppose). One being that, as the "Dunphy" in question is a sausage and such foodstuffs are similar in shape to a penis the, ipso facto, Dunphy is a prick. Or, alternatively, there's a story goes that when Dunphy was at Millwall, where he played over 250 games between 66-73, one pre-season squad poster shows Dunphy sitting there with his sausage sticking out his shorts.
Of course, it could be both!

John said...


I'll take your word for it on the second one rather than go researching it!

On the first interpretation: Nothing's changed since then.