Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Gigs* 2005:#45 The Wedding Present

Dave Gedge and co's rapid return to Manchester was certainly one for the hardcore fans, such as my mate Mike whose Weddoes knowledge came in most useful for once. A poor Numanesque support called Betamax Format never troubled the scorers but expectations were high for the Pressies after an excellent greatest hits show a couple of months back. How wrong were we.

Just two tracks off Take Fountain and the rest of the set was b-sides, Watusi (the lost LP) tracks and a couple of Cinerama numbers. Nothing from George Best (unless I was too pissed to notice) and I think the odd one from Bizarro and Sea Monsters. If they had'nt have done Falling from Twin Peaks I probably would have left disappointed. But not unimpressed.

Dave Gedge did say near the end of the show "I hope you enjoyed a different set"and I could only applaud his decision not to repeat the show of a few months back . What would be the point? I know my mates were more chuffed to hear obscure songs live for the first time rather than Kennedy for the umpteenth time, as good as it is.

I don't think I'll risk seeing them in Sheffield on Saturday though. Might just be the same set again.

*not including festivals

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jordi said...

Hi Martin, me and Pep went to see them in Barcelona a few weeks ago and looks like it was a similar set, including the Cinerama songs and the Twin Peaks' theme. 'A Million Miles' is the only song from George Best I can remember them playing that night. They also did 'Brassneck', but no 'Kennedy', 'Shatner', 'Everyone Thinks He Looks Daft'... There were quite a few songs I didn't recognise and, as usual, no encores. Still, a good gig and, as you say, nice to see them doing something diferent.