Friday, November 18, 2005

The Life and Times of Jimmny Homunculus

One of the nicest, smartest, and funniest blokes I ever met blogs here.

Please, read it and take him to your heart. You won't be sorry.


Lorcy said...

Ah, you've made an old man very happy! 30 this jan 2, think of that!. Great to see the spirit of media distallation of a certain fine company finding a place on the web. Ahh I do miss the American Spectator...and I still have confusing thoughts about Ann Coulter, nice looking but the mind of the devil, it would be like riding hitler or something but you still would because she's hot and the 'johnston' has no political stance.

John said...

Jaysus, that's not so old round here, believe me.

Theodore Dalrymple sends his regards.

Maybe it's just me, but my knob leans strongly to the left.

John said...

Two problems with shagging Tories as far as I can see.

1: The intense guilt afterwards that one could stoop so low.

2: Unless it's a purely financial relationship, you'd have to talk to them as well.