Tuesday, November 01, 2005

That New Villa Strip in Full

Won't even have to change the colours.

Report in the Irish Independent:

English Premiership club Aston Villa could be going west if two Galway men have their way.

The Comer brothers, Luke and Brian, whose property company is worth €1.5b, are deep in negotiations to buy the club out.

Aston Villa - former European champions 25 years ago - has confirmed the builder brothers have made a preliminary offer of €96m for a majority shareholding of the company.

The Guardian says:

"The directors of Aston Villa plc confirm that they have received a preliminary approach from Mr Michael Neville on behalf of a consortium group which could lead to an offer for the company," said the club's statement to the Stock Exchange."

"ille, a mergers and acquisitions specialist with directorships in the broadcasting industry, was equally circumspect, citing Stock Exchange rules. Even so, the 49-year-old did proffer his credentials, saying: "I am a lifelong Villa fan and have been since I was about nine years old. I'm a local businessman, I grew up in Erdington and live here [in Solihull] now. Other than that I have no comment to make."

Nothing more need be said, I think. Except perhaps to comment on an intriguing definition of "lifelong."


Martin said...

Never trust housebuilders when it comes to take-overs. they're only after one thing. Just ask Wrexham.


John said...

I'm sure Doug Ellis would NEVER sign anything so detrimental to the interests of AVFC.