Friday, December 02, 2005

If you get the chance..

go see Gogol Bordello. The best New York gypsy-punk band I've seen all week. Their tunes aren't so hot but the live show is so much fun I moshed for the first time since Mano Negra.

Even better , to my mind , were the support act The Scotch Greens. A cross between a beefed up The Men They Could't Hang and a banjoised Clash. Their version of Janie Jones was worth paying 3 quid a beer for alone.

The other support , on a night of US roots punk , was Throw Rag. Not dissimilar to Th' Legendary Shack Shakers in a skinny punkabilly kind of way but a little less confrontational.

While I'm about it, tips for next year are Hot Puppies and The Cyclones (and The Scotch Greens obviously).


John said...

Hot puppies. Is that one of my surprise Christmas presents?

And 3 quid a pint! Is that the real reason why you were dancing?

John said...

the ScotchGreens site has some downloads that are excellent. I like "Rumspringa," a word I thought only I knew this side of Pennsylvania.