Tuesday, December 20, 2005

This One Goes Up To Eleven: Ireland's Top Ten for 2005

I’m afraid this year wasn’t a vintage one for Irish music by any stretch of the imagination, but it did see the rebirth of electronica in Ireland, with four of the year’s top ten records belonging, broadly speaking, to the genre known as Bogsynth.

As ever, this list is derived from the Raidio Siamsa charts, not RTE’s farrago of lies. Thus we have a representative picture of current yoof tastes, rather than what The Man wants you to hear. This year, I give you a bonus track, since one performer appears twice. In reverse order, then, as is traditional:

11: "You Touched Me" – Diocese of Ferns Male Voice Choir (Birdbath Records)

10: "J.O.V." – Slippery Razor and the Facials (Munkus)

9: "Mobius Trip" – Gavin Escher (Blood Vessel)

8: "So Easily Shocked" (But I Love You) – Gypsy Rose Mahone (Cuaint Music)

7: "Mosney Macht Frei" – Urban Spurt (Flob Sounds)

6: "Suzie’s Arms and Eyebrows" – Kilbarrack and the Toll Roads (Gurrier)

5: "Shellsuit Armada" – The Floaters (Galway Hooker)

4: "Freaky Priest" (Call the Cops Mix) – Diocese of Ferns Male Voice Choir (Birdbath Records)

3: "A Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing" – Barmecide (Spunt)

2: "Undercover Fingerer" – DJ Manky B (Athletico Coolock)

And this year’s Number 1:

"The Ballad of Daymo Potemkin" – The Calipers (Botty)

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