Friday, January 20, 2006

And You Know What They Say About a Man With a Big Nose

An article by Nora Underwood in the December 12 issue of Maclean's magazine discusses a nasal spray called PT-141, one of a new class of drugs used to treat sexual dysfunction, and if the results of early trials bear out, it could help millions of people with sexual problems.

"PT-141 bypasses the vascular system and targets the central nervous system instead, affecting the arousal centre of the brain. In early studies on rats—some of which were conducted at Concordia University in Montreal—PT-141 had a quick and remarkable impact on both sexes; in fact, within minutes of taking PT-141, female rats were actually mounting the males. Not subtle, exactly, but effective. Non-rodents involved in later trials have reported similar results: within half an hour of using the spray, most claimed to be raring to go. "On a five-point scale," stated Patient 41, "I'd rate the erection I had as a six." PT-141 provides only a short-term reprieve

Since when was subtlety important?


Kara said...

Where can you go to get a job watching pandas mate and rats mount?

Reidski said...

So, John, can you give us a review of the pennystockinvestment blog - it sounds fascinating to me!

John said...

"I read over your blog, and i found it inquisitive."

What the fuck's that supposed to mean?

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Spammers are ever inventive! (as opposed to inquisitive!)

griff said...

And You Know What They Say About a Man With a Big Nose

"his brother's even taller, you know.

John said...

Hi griff--

Is that a veiled reference to the size of my brother's penis?

I'm beginning to worry about you. ;0)

John said...

Actually, I'm beginning to worry about me.