Tuesday, January 24, 2006

It Does the Heart Good

To read the lyrics from a Utah Phillips album.

Spotted thanks to this.


Nate said...

heya John,
That record where he sings the IWW songs was one of the first times I can remember really getting into acoustic music and finding it powerful, you know, in the way like punk can be powerful sometimes. I got his autograph at the IWW centennary last June, I was embarassed to ask but not too much to where I didn't ask. He put out a great record with Ani Difranco (whose own music I want to like but I just don't), where she remixed it and stuff. It's called The Past Didn't Go Anywhere. Great stuff, and with some beats too.
take care,

John said...

Hi Nate--

Thanks for your comment.

I have a track of the album with Ani DiFranco and couldn't stick it. What I've heard of hers I haven't liked, I must confess, but then, did anyone ever like Crass for the music?!

Like the look of your blog btw. Seems like we have similar reading lists. I've just ordered the Holloway book and another entitled "Debating Empire," a series of essays on the Hardt & Negri book.

I'll be over at refusework a lot, I suspect.


Nate said...

hi John,
I got into a big argument with a friend once for not liking Crass. I didn't see them or live through that moment (I'm in the US) so that's probably part of it. I'm down with Crass, just don't want to listen to their sounds.
The refuse work blog's kind of a neglected garden just now, unfortunately. I'd love to see it get rolling again, I haven't heard from the others in a while (and was never the most frequent poster - I came late to the blogosphere). I don't have a hand in the design there or at the what in the hell blog (that one's just a template, but I like it, it's, well, it's red). Please let me know what you think of the Holloway. I'm a big fan of his.
take care,