Thursday, January 12, 2006

Life on Mars: Not Hunky Dory

Having suffered the excrutiatingly cliched first episode of the new BBC cop drama "Life on Mars" in which DCI Sam Taylor is hit so hard by a car that it knocks him into 1973 (or not), I was left wondering

1) would he try to find his own 4-year-old self (and warn him it's not worth the ridicule he'll receive if he buys that Gary Numan single).

2) what were the odds on Sunderland to win 1-0 with Ian Porterfield as first scorer.

3) where could they find to film in Manchester that could pass for something as modern as 1973.

If they answer these questions in future episodes can someone let me know as I won't be watching.


Reidski said...

And what's wrong with Gary Numan? Apart from the fact that he was a Tory-voting, multi-millionaire, brain-dead, musically challenged arsehole, I thought he was okay!

John said...

Somewhat surreally, I knew a member of the WRP young socialists who was a total Numanoid (or whatever they call them).

Of course, the WRP YS was just him.

Reidski said...

I do have to own up to having liked Tubeway Army, but I was never a Numanoid - which is a great word, by the way!

Lorcy said...

"Life of Mars" seems to be following the "Goodnight Sweetheart" TV maxim that it's ok to fool around with many different women, as long as time travel is involved. It's as if the writers are all of the age to have vague memories of "The Sweeney", refreshed by Loaded articles and were 'brainstorming' one day and said, "I used to love The Sweeney, why don't we do something like that...wait a minute why don't we get a cop who travels back in time for some reason...p.s.
don't remind anyone of Quantum Leap
or that the main character is called Sam
or that there is an enigmatic bartender who seems to know more than his friendly demeanour would suggest. (if you remember the last epsiode of Quantum Leap you'll know what I'm talking about.

John said...

The LAST episode!? I couldn't even watch all of the FIRST.