Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Special One


Reidski said...

An apt description. How anyone can think that Del Horno deserved anything other than a red card beggars belief. I think the Sky commentators and studio guests (including Walter hun Smith) had a bad dose of patriotic bias last night.

Been watching Messi all season and think he has stood out as the player of the season in Spain - with he was a jock!

John said...

Hi Reidski--

Watched it on RTE2 with some amusement. Ray Houghton, commentating, thought it was an appalling decision and spent the next ten minutes casting aspersions on the Norwegian referee. Then at half-time in the studio, Johnny Giles, Eamonn Dunphy, and Liam Brady said to a man, and unreservedly, that it was clearly the right decision and they wished refs would be that decisive more often.

jordi said...

Being a Barça fan and owing an Argentina top with Messi at the back I'm not the most impartial of observers... but I think Del Horno's red card was fair, considering a previous full tackle on Messi's knee that nearly left the studs on his leg, and he wasn't even booked for that. Also, I think we could've claimed a penalty for Geremi's stretched arm after Márquez's shot, I've seen some penalties given for that.
Anyway, there's only one Leo Messi (and one less Del Horno!)

John said...

Hi Jordi--

I'd forgotten that tackle that tore off Messi's cycling shorts (or whatever he was wearing underneath!) That was a nasty one itself.

Reidski said...

sorry, can't let a mention of Eamonn Dunphy go past without a mention of my beloved Millwall. There, done it!