Friday, March 24, 2006

Altrincham's Burning

I realize it's not exactly Babylon: I'm just trying to sustain the punk-nostalgia theme being propagated at Lisa's and Darren's.

Stef plans to have a bonfire round the back of the terraces. Given the recent inclement weather conditions and that Alty are playing Burton Albion tomorrow, ON the terraces might be a better idea.

Anyone got any old Scritti Politti albums they want to chuck on?


Martin said...

I see Green Gartside is currently touring as Double G and the treacherous 3.

Maybe Stef can relay the Alty score across the country via smoke signals.

Unknown said...

hhhmmm... could try but my Morse is every so slightly rusty.

Uhm, waste and instincts and fire... Reminds of when, as a youth, I was walking down Buchanan Street with a friend and got hit on the head by a 7-inch record. It was "Forest Fire" by LC and TC.