Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Film Festival

Viva Film Festival on in Manchester from Wedensday.

Any recommendations Jose? Jordi?


Jose said...

Definitely! There's a film called 'Tapas'. Watch that one, if you can. The directors are friends of us. It was filmed in our city, L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, in our very quarter. And not only that —the film happens to be good.
Otherwise, you can try and watch 'Real - La película'.

Martin said...

Cheers Jose.

The "Real" film is one particular pelicula I think I'll avoid.

John said...

Does the title translate as "Real -The Empty Trophy Cabinet"?

sheshark said...

El Calentito is ace - about a girl who discovers Punk in 1980. Lesbian encounters, speed snorting, sexual awakenings, trannie unionisation, a military coup and a cameo from Almodóvar ensue.

And there's a party after the screening mañana.

Martin said...

Thanks Shesh,unfortunately I'll be partying to Gogol Bordello tomorrow

John said...

Jesus, how jealous am I of both of you, and I'm the one off on me hols!