Friday, March 10, 2006

I'd Like the Blow on the Head, Please, Bob.

More amazing stuff from Archaeology magazine:

Greek archaeologists have found evidence of a master surgeon operating centuries before Hippocrates. The remains of a woman who had been successfully treated for a serious head injury were excavated at Abdena, on the north coast of the Aegean, by Eudokia Skarlatidou of the Greek Archaeological Service. These remains provide incontrovertible proof that two centuries before Hippocrates was born, surgical practices outlined in Hippocrates' treatise On Head Wounds were already in use. Buried before 600 B.C., the woman had most likely been struck by a missile hurled by Thracians attacking her settlement, but evidence of surgery on her skull, where the surgeon scraped the bone with a rasp, show that she survived for a further two decades after the attack.


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