Saturday, April 29, 2006

pointless pete wylie quiz

i created this quiz for my mates on the music board i frequent.

i know you're all dying to have a go.

you don't have to give a real email address if you don't want to, by the way. just make one up.


Reidski said...

30% - pretty pishy! And why oh why did it have to be about Pete Wylie - and, no, I'm not going to repeat the story.

griff said...

oh go on, tell me!

Martin said...

50 % and didn't know the legend that is Alejandro Escovedo was a fan. Have you got any Escovedo Griff cos I can always bring some down with me?

griff said...

i bought with these hands a short while back.

i'm going to see him at st james' church, piccadilly, on 2nd june on wylie's insistence!

i believe he has a new album out.

Martin said...

You jammy get.That's when we're in Barcelona,it's been pissing me off for weeks.Last time he was due to play he cancelled due to 9/11 and then he got ill.

I'll bring you some other stuff from my Bloodshot collection.Wylie's right ,he's quality.