Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Fly Aer Arann and See the World

An anticipated two-hour flight from Angers, France, to Manchester resulted in a 30-hour trip for Andrew Parson of Eccles, visiting six airports in three countries.

Mr. Parson, a French teacher at St Mary's Roman Catholic High School at Astley, near Wigan, regularly takes schoolchildren to Angers, Wigan's twin town in France. Having been invited out to celebrate the 50th anniversary of a school in Angers, he decided to fly out for the weekend rather than take a 16-hour coach trip.

It was the return journey that went awry, however, right from the very beginning, when his flight from Angers was moved to Nantes at the last minute.

You can read all about Mr. Parson's odyssey here, perhaps the only time you'll find a link to the Daily Mail on C&S.

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