Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I Don't Believe Anyone Appears in Carlow Deliberately

From the Carlow People:

"Supermodels, movie stars, helicopters swirling in the skies over Carlow and, most of all, bad boy rock stars.

There was more than a little frisson of excitement around Tullow Street, Carlow, last Monday night, when Babyshambles hit the stage in The Music Factory.

The band, whose lead singer Pete Doherty is infamous for living the rock and roll lifestyle, played to a house packed with enthusiastic fans.

Not only was there quite a number of people surprised that Pete Doherty and Co. even showed up for the gig - the band had postponed their only Dublin show the previous week - others were amazed to hear that the infamous rock star turned up in Carlow bright and early on Monday morning.

So early did the boys from Babyshambles arrive at The Music Factory that they had breakfast with staff before Pete himself helped one of the cleaning women with the hoovering!

'Never judge a book by its cover,' Eamonn Tucker, General Manager of The Music Factory, told the Carlow People.

'We were expecting a tyrant but he was lovely, he didn't live up to his reputation at all.

'He was an absolute gentleman. The band hung out here all day, watching videos, eating, doing the sound checks and meeting their fans.'

While Babyshambles blew the audience away with their edgy rock sound, alleged sightings of Pete's ex-girlfriend, Kate Moss, circulated around the venue. Someone else swore that they'd spotted movie-star, Keanu Reeves, arriving by helicopter but most were just happy to worship at the altar of Babyshambles.

Having hung out in The Music Factory for the day, Pete confessed to Eamonn that the Carlow gig was their favourite and even vowed to return to play an acoustic set in a few week's time.

Who knows, if Babyshambles do reappear on a stage near you, he might even be sporting the Carlow jersey he was presented with by his fans here."

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Martin said...

The cleaner had the vacuum and Pete got down on his hands and knees no doubt.