Thursday, May 25, 2006

Moby or Eminem

Thanks to Griff's sense of occasion we arrived at Finsbury Park Station last night 30 seconds after this and 30 seconds before they evacuated the station.

Damn huddies.


Reidski said...

Isn't London brilliant? On the edge, exciting? Err, no actually, but fucking violent and scary.

There have also been a spate of shootings, killings, stabbings and all sorts of shit round my way recently - I blame the weather and the lack of football at the moment. Everything will be fine as soon as the sun shines and the World Cup kicks off!

griff said...

i love london. i've no doubt it's slightly more dangerous than alderley edge but in a city of seven million, the odds are still pretty good.

plus, in alderley edge it's unlikely that you'll get to see neko case or talk to catherine irwin.

god, i was rough this morning, though.

many thanks to mart for his generosity and excellent companionship on our epic escapade last night. it was, as ever, a blast.


Reidski said...

Griff, you are my man! You saw right through my satirical and ironic bullshit, cos London is a beautiful and amazing city. In fact, I believe it to be the most beautiful and amazing city on the planet. I cannot imagine living anywhere else, except maybe for Northampton - but that's another story!
Although, have to say, I've never been to Alderley Edge!

John said...


Believe me, you're missing nothing except one nice view and Frannie Lee's house.

In Dublin, on the other hand, you clearly missed everything. :)

griff said...

i shall have to get over there soon. it's been too long.

by the way, it occurred to me before that i had more pints than hours of sleep last night. i can't say i recommend it.

Reidski said...

It must be said that on both occasions that I've been in Dublin I've been on my own, so that does play a big part on how your perceptions of a place get made.
I obviously need to visit again in the company of John or, preferably, with McManus.

griff said...

john got so pissed there he woke up with a job.

Martin said...

I probably feel the same way about London as Reidksi does about Dublin. I've never spent more than a few days there so have no great knowledge of the place. I've no problem with Londoners despite my previous digs may have suggested.

But I've never met a nice South African.

John said...


You must come over again soon, you're welcome to stay. But you probably won't recognize the place. Not sure if that's good or bad, although given our past escapades, I doubt that we'd recognize much even if nothing had changed.


All those raffle tickets you flogged for the ANC were wasted then!

Reidski said...

Martin - but that's not bloody surprising, man!! And I note that you sold the raffle tickets while I walked from Glasgow to London!!

Martin said...


There are links on the left to Chris Mills and Kathleen Judge if you want to see what I've been wittering on about this week, and I'm sure John can arrange a link to Freakwater where you can find more about Catherine Irwin.

Actually you can link through my myspace thingy thinking about it.

John said...

Will sort out a Freakwater link ASAP.


McManus is tied up right now. Once Mercedes cuts him loose, he'll be available at the drop of a hat for consumption of large quantities of intoxicating beverages.

John said...

Freakwater link added.