Friday, May 19, 2006

Nice to See Something's on the Mend, Then

The June issue of American Artist carries an article on how the art scene in post-Hurricane Katrina New Orleans is recovering from the devastation. Accompanying the article are several paintings by longtime New Orleans resident and landscape painter Phil Sandusky, including Tattered Fence, Reynes Between N. Tonti and N. Rocheblave 2006; Sloops in the Road; and House Broken Around Telephone Pole, N. Claiborne and Forstall. The Web site features more of his works, such as Collapsed House and Car, N. Galvez & Forstall; Houses Smashed Into Each Other, Galvez Between Andry & Choctaw; Foundation of House and Crushed Car, Tennessee Close to Prieur; and Sloop in the Parking Lot of the Southern Yacht Club.

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