Monday, May 22, 2006

The Real Stars of Eurovision

Since Jane is clearly just trying to be controversial.

If you thought Lordi were scary, what about German Country and Western? The real taboo busters.


griff said...

i was at a eurovision party (yes, yes, i know) and was about to make a quip when i had the foresight to ask if there were any germans present. god knows what the odds of one our teutonic brethren being there but, fuck me, there he was - thus preventing me from saying "makes a nice change them playing country instead of invading it."

(i rather liked the song, by the way - i must be getting old)

J.J said...

Oh no...They look great fun but I missed them. Curses.

'unuuk?' Is that a Lithuanian swear word?

Martin said...

Our own Daz Sampson was on local news last night moaning about the voting and politics of it all.He even had the gall to predict that Eurovision would not be around in 10 years time.

Whereas he's got a stellar career ahead of him.

I think that should read "Stella"

John said...

"the politics of it all."

Did he not express any nostalgia for the days when Britain had the remnants of an empire and we could be guaranteed the votes of Ireland, Cyprus, Malta, and various other locations around the Med where the army was doing sterling work to enhance our nation's reputation?