Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Wang Yu very much

If you ever wondered who buys those £3 martial arts dvds in places like Music Zone look no further than yours truly.

The latest addition to my Jimmy Wang Yu collection is "Deadly Silver Spear" aka "Shaolin Silver Spear" aka "Der Silverspeer Der Shaolin" which , although not a patch on "One Armed Boxer" does have the best underwater Kung Fu scrap I've ever seen,(Wang Yu was originally a swimmer and Olympic standard water polo player) , and the best incidental music since "The Man with the Golden Gun" , ( probably because they use the theme from TMWTGG. Shameless!).

The dvd is only let down by the fact that the first 5 minutes of the film is a montage of b&w stills taken from the film you're about to watch and the bonus features which include:

1) one page biographies in type too small to read

2) an extra fight scene (from another movie)

3) a two sentence interview with Wang Yu (that's shoe-horned into a fight scene from yet another movie).

Still, you won't get a Bruce Lee film for under a fiver.


Lorcy said...

ahh this brought back memories! isn't that one-armed boxer the one with the master of flying guillotine, basically a lampshade ona bathroom chain that cut off peoples heads, leaving them still mysteriously the same height but with their jumper pulled over their head...

timesnewroman said...

That you bought it is scary. That you watched it is scarier still.

Martin said...


There are flying death rings in "Deadly" which are Battling Tops with knives. One-armed boxer had the Buddhist monk who put his finger in his mouth a blew until he was twice his normal size.


what's scary about that?