Friday, June 09, 2006

C&S go Primavera (Part 2)



1) Karen O's two-tone tights
2)Richard Hawley- best singer all weekend and dedicated a song to Grant McLennan
3) Catching Sleater-Kinney soundchecking by accident
4) The Flaming Lips. One huge rock'n'roll kids party. Balloons, streamers,puppets and fancy dress. And they played all the hits. Fantastic.

1) Richard Hawley vs. the Dance tent (or Shit tent as he so eloquently put it)
2)Sleater-Kinney's soundcheck being their best performance of the night
3)Flaming Lips finishing with "War Pigs". Nice sentiment but a real anti-climax.


jordi said...

Yes, definitely Richard Hawley and the amazing Flaming Lips show were two of the highlights of the festival. Other high moments, in my opinion, were The Violent Femmes, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, spotting an 8 year old on his dad's shoulders watching Killing Joke and the guy at one of the bars serving John proper Spanish measures of vodka.
Lowlights? I found Lou Reed's gig disappointing and I couldn't see what the fuzz is about with the Baby Shambles. Oh, and Television Personalities cancelling for a second consecutive year.

John said...

Couldn´t agree more, Jordi. And I only went for the TV Personalities!

Never mind. There´s always next year . . .

Martin said...

Jordi, you've pre-empted my Saturday list. But being the completist I am...