Friday, June 16, 2006

The Early Signs of a Drink Problem Were There for All to See

From today´s Guardian (international edition), under "What We Miss About the World Cup."

"England were 3-1 down to Brazil in the quarter-final of the 1962 World Cup at Viña del Mar on their own dog-day afternoon when a pitch invasion from a stray, woolly black puppy, improbably called Bob, brought some light relief. Having stalked Ray Wilson, right, and gambolled about the field evading capture, Jimmy Greaves summoned up the dog-napping skill of 101 Dalmatians´Cruella de Vil to crawl on all fours toward the hound, calmed it down and removed it from the field. . ."

I´m still trying to figure out who was trying to capture Jimmy and why? Any ideas?

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