Thursday, June 22, 2006

Guns for Beginners

The June issue of Field & Stream magazine carries advice for parents on choosing the first gun for their kids. We are reliably informed that 20-gauge pump-action guns are an ideal starter gun for kids so long as they fit properly and the correct ammunition is used. You see, children must be able to confidently handle a gun in order to shoot well with it, and pump actions are easy for small hands to operate. What's more, once more than one shell at a time is being loaded, pumps are safer than autoloaders or two-barreled guns. They are also inexpensive, which is important because young shooters must begin with a gun that fits, even though they will quickly outgrow it. It is also important to use low-recoil ammunition, which is the best choice for crucial first outings.

By outings, by the way, I can only assume that the writer meant hunting trips, not bank jobs.


Martin said...

My new catchphrase is going to be "If the gun fits.."

David Todd said...

I went to an American boarding school in West Africa and felt left out when the American kids talked about the guns they'd used for hunting.I'd lived in Belfast before this during the troubles....strange world.