Thursday, August 24, 2006

But What Does It Say in Braille?

DUBLIN, Ireland (AP) - Irish atheists are celebrating as a "natural miracle" the discovery of a pomegranate which, when cut open, revealed the phrase "There Is No God" in multicoloured seeds. The pomegranate was bought by local resident Aoife O'Sullivan from a greengrocers in Rathmines, South Dublin.

Andrew Cox of the Irish Association of Atheists commented that, "It only tells us what we've known for a long time, but while we discount divine intervention in the physical universe as an explanation for material phenomena, it's comforting to know that Nature is even-handed in the arbitrary messages She conveys."

Leaders of the country's Muslim community are less impressed. A spokesman said, "The pomegranate is a fruit through which Allah has traditionally spoken to Muslims. I have no doubt that this discovery is part of a series, the other members of which will complete the phrase with the words '...but Allah, and Mohammed is his prophet.'"

Followers have been instructed to buy up all available stocks of pomegranates in Ireland in order to locate the missing items. They can expect stiff competition, however, from the Irish Nietzsche Society, who anticipate finding the entire text of Thus Spake Zarathustra in pomegranate form.


Simon said...


Good one.

Reidski said...

Another tres funny post from C&S!

Unknown said...

I can only think that august bank holiday is the Irish equivalent to April's fool's day... my Mum's voice echoes in my head, going "don't they have anything better to do?"

John said...

April Fool's Stef? You clearly haven't been to Ireland. This sort of thing happens every day!