Thursday, September 07, 2006

At Home with the Intelligentsia. No 28: Gilles Deleuze

(Full image shows Deleuze lost in the changing rooms of the men's clothing department in Rackham's, Guildford.)


1212121212 said...

This may well be a stupid question, but is that really Deleuze? Look smore like one of Francis Bacon's Soho drinking mates. Which isn't a bad look to have, of course.

1212121212 said...

"Look smore" > "Looks more" (though "smore" does look as if it should be a word).

John said...

Hi guys--

Yeah, this still is actually from his West End show "Gilles Deleuze is Unwell."

Clifford Duffy said...

It's deleuze the cool, and missing felix the cat, the cool cat! come visit us

-- cheers and chair of rhizome to blogoverse