Tuesday, October 17, 2006

God was Drunk Part1

Last night I went to see Johnny Dowd and Jim White perform as Hellwood, not expecting too much as the new CD is a bit restrained and Mr. Dowd has always been a bit of a misery when I've seen him before, but blimey were they good. The life they put into the new songs and the fun they had whilst playing them was a joy to experience. Mr. Dowd had a permanent grin ("I've not been this happy since a hog ate my baby brother!"), and the band treated us to some funky instrumentals and even a Thelonius Monk cover. And how on earth was the drummer playing bass? I thought £12.50 was a bit steep, but it turned out to be a bargain (what with the Metrolink breaking down and not having to pay any fare).

See them live if you can but be wary of the CD: one for fans only.

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