Tuesday, October 24, 2006


I just learned from reading Normblog that one of my contemporaries at the LSE, indeed, someone I remember quite well, is now an OBE and writes a column for the Times.

I'd feel like a right underachiever but for the fact that the honours system stands for everything I despise. Not to mention the contempt I would be held in by my dad if I ever had anything to do with a Murdoch product. He won't even have Sky in the house.


Reidski said...

And I had nominated you as a Dame - oh well, I'll have to look around for someone else.

John said...

Hi Reidski--

I'm happy to be a dame as soon as panto season comes around.

Lorcy said...

One of my contemporaries at Coleraine, she did theatre studies, now plays Dymphna in Give My Head Peace--Alison Ford, although is sometimes credited as Alexandra Ford and Ali Ford, some equity thing. Oh and Bambos Soyinka the neice of Wole Soyinka came first in my media studies class, I came second. Although she eloped with a sleazely lecturer afterwards so she was welcome the first place.

oh and I worked with Colin Murray, don't know any obes though.

John said...

Hi Lorcy--

I bumped into the Give My Head Peace crowd at the weekend, up at the Europa in belfast, where they were attending a charity do for the Thomas Devlin Fund. Maria was at Coleraine, too, which is how she knows Thomas's mom. We were sat at the "university table." No OBEs, but Alban Maginness was with us.

Lorcy said...

that wikipedia photo makes Alban McGuinness look like a Pat Shortt character!

oh and when I was in the DHSS in Andersonstown I worked with Damon Quinn, borther of nial quinn, from Give my Head Peace, but I was more impressed that their fatehr "Quinn" was a 1950s sci-fi magazine artist, 6 degrees of Give My Head Peace a fun palour came of minor celebrity in Norn Ireland, I wonder how many pappy kielty anecdotes are out there!

John said...

Never mind Kielty, you MUST have some stories from the Andersonstown DHSS!!!