Thursday, October 26, 2006

A Sign of the Times

The annual Culchie Festival this year takes place within the Greater Dublin Area.

Makes sense, I suppose. That's where all the culchies are these days.


Sandra said...

Ganching got in first. But some of us are in Toronto, too.

Lorcy said...

they mostly go the portabello pub don't they, met a monagahan girl in dublin once ans she goes 'do you ever go to the portabello?' I went 'nah, it's full GAA fuckers', she goes 'yeah I know, it's great isn't!'

I like they way they misspell Cavan on that site! it's like the Culchie epicentre

John said...

Hola Gan--

Was that your tractor I saw outside Sainsbury's in Willesden the other day?

John said...


You must feel right at home. A whole nation of culchies!!

John said...


Ha ha! That old Monaghan/Cavan rivalry betrays itself in your tale, methinks.

Sandra said...

More Culchies than you could shake a stick at! (But the last time I shook a stick at them, they threatened to deport me. So now I just waggle my finger.)