Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Shallow, But Radical

Voting update: In the "What I Would Most Like for Christmas" poll, Oral Sex is just ahead of a Televised Royal Death.

No one could say you folks don't know what you like.


J.J said...

Likewise I would take a televised royal death any day of the year but the thought of queenie popping the royal clogs live as it were on her Xmas Day broadcast makes it almost worthwhile tuning in to watch the thing.

J.J said...


What happened to my opening line - Oral Sex is not just for Christmas?

I have been censored!

John said...

Don't know how that happened, J.J.

I should apologise, btw, for not offering the option of oral sex WHILE watching a royal death live on TV. I'm sure that would have won hands-down, if you'll forgive the expression.