Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Never Pass Up a Chance to Practice Your Work Skills

MEXICO CITY -- A man who tried to commit suicide by throwing himself onto the tracks of the Mexico City subway was later beaten to death by police, prosecutors said Saturday.

From the Washington Post.


Will said...

What's happened to the other numpties who supposedly post here?

They busy being spontaneous or something?

Just wondered - tis all.

Reidski said...

Let's ignore rude Will for a bit and go back to the post in question.

I suppose the bloke did get what he wanted in the end, even if with rather different methods than he had originally had hoped!

John said...

And he did keep two members of the Mexican police occupied for a while, so he probly saved someone else's life in the process.

Will. They're all just pseudonyms and police spies. This is how all anarchist organizations work. Didn't you know?