Thursday, February 08, 2007

Please Let Michael Flatley Join In!

The new CBS reality show, Armed and Famous.


Will said...

Off topic.

Nice new look there kidda.

What's the pic in the left hand corner all about then? Identify, translate the text, reasoning for its use. Thank you.

Will said...

For one moment I thought it might have been a detail from this

but it's not ...

John said...

Glad you like it, Will.

The painting is actually by fat Stalinist and all-round knob Diego Rivera, but its relevance to C&S can be found here.

Also, Clifford Harper only seems to do landscapes and bunny rabbits these days.

John said...

What Wiki doesn't mention is that Tierra y Libertad was a play by Magon, as well as being the slogan of his PLM movement, and was only later used by Zapata.

And Ken Loach.

Imposs1904 said...

Canny looking redesign. The blog looks much better.

PS - I understand that 'Armed and Famous' has already been cancelled.

John said...

Thanks, Darren. Glad you think so.

That's very disappointing. Maybe we can organize something ourselves. Go round to the Osbournes' house tooled up, perhaps.

I jest, of course. Ozzy's a Villa fan.

Who sleeps with a bayonet under his pillow.

Reidski said...

After your comments about Diego Rivera, I take it all back ... your new design is total pish ya feckin chube ye! :-))

And I hope Villa get beat from whoever the hell they are playing this weekend - but hope Petrov plays a blinder and Maloney scores a hat-trick!!!

John said...


I read his autobiography, so I know ehereof he speaks.

From his own lips on page 133: "I'm a fat Stalinist and all-round knob."

Unknown said...

Is the change in layout a consequence of you moving to the new Blogger?
(will love to help if you have a plan to take care of Flatley)

John said...

Hi Stef--


Most of Flateley's audiences these days have dark plans for the man, imho.