Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Baudrillard Is Dead

Yes. Really.


Martin said...

Ballard actually claimed "Baudrillard was the most important anagram..."

Martin said...

Which is

" A ruined J.Ballard"

John said...

You took your time. ;-)

Lorcy said...

him and Captain America in the same week?

poor auld Baudrillard, he was been awol-uhoh (up his own hole) hislike the way they have to mention The Matrix in the obit! I don't think it was an actual Buadrillard edition in the matrix, i think whatever prop monkeys worked on the matrix mocked one up from whatever they thought a 'deep philosophy book' might look like.

John said...

whoa! A simulacrum of a Baudrillard book. Profound!

Or just cheap?