Thursday, April 12, 2007

The King is Dead

King Kurt, that is.

We've always been big fans here at C&S. His sense of life's absurdity, his awareness of the human capacity to do both great good and great evil, and, most of all, his fantastic sense of humour, will all be hugely missed.


Lorcy said...

fucking hell, just found out about half an hour ago, was thinking you'd have a post up! the scary thing is the amount of grad US grad student I have met over the last 4 years who didn't know he was still alive!!
tempted to have some pall malls in rememberance

Lorcy said...

and yet Bo Fowler of "Skepticism Inc?" 'fame' is still alive, but thankfully not appearing to write any more terrible Vonnegut-clone novels.

John said...

I assume they all missed the publication of Man Without a Country then. Or did they think it was posthumous?

"Without a Country, it's, like, a metaphor, for being dead, right?"