Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Sunderland Fans Miss Out on Top Flight

But Big Niall sorts it out for everyone to go home in a taxi.

It began with a crowd of fans singing Niall Quinn's Disco Pants, led to the cancellation of an easyJet flight and ended with the aforenamed chairman of Sunderland football club shelling out £8,000 on taxis so they could all go home.

. . .

It is not Quinn's first act of generosity. In 2002 he donated the proceeds of his testimonial match between Sunderland and the Republic of Ireland to charity. Quinn, who played for both teams during the match, received an MBE. Instead of an appearance fee for the game, all the players received a letter from a sick child.


Will said...

Impy beat you to this one

Give him a link (hat tip) or he'll start crying.


John said...

For the record, I received the tip-off from Martin, who read it in the Graun.

Will said...

Pants on fire

Imposs1904 said...

I'm still crying you bastard.

John said...

Disco Pants on Fire?