Tuesday, May 08, 2007

It was 24 years 9 months ago

Whenever the question "what was your first gig?" comes up I've always taken a guilty pleasure in saying "Elton John, Brondby,1984!"

However , during a clearout yesterday, I found these two tickets which show that my memory is shit but my taste is excellent.


John said...

Great taste indeed. Where was I that night? Mmm.

For me it was UB40, Hammersmith Palais, late 1980. Remember very little about it, but then it's a very long time ago.

Reidski said...

Sham's Last Stand - Sham 69 at the Glasgow Apollo, June 79. Joined onstage for the encore by Steve Jones and Paul Cook.

J.J said...

Almost definitely Jimmy James and the Vagabonds. They played Skegness just about every other week - which was kind of them seeing as no other band would (wisely) come near the place.