Friday, May 11, 2007

Poker Joker

Tony Cascarino interviewed in today's Guardian. Read it right to the end for a top joke. Skip the middle bit unless you want to read this:

When I was with Ireland I was in a room with Andy Townsend and this girl's started shouting up to our window: 'Andy, Andy, Tony, Tony - where's Jason Mcateer?' So Andy says 'he's in the next room' and they say 'run back and throw us his shirt'? I opened his door and there was no football shirt but there was a pair of shorts and a jockstrap, so I picked up the jockstrap, which had a huge skid mark on it, and threw it out the window. And this girl was thrilled. We were all in bits. Some fans will have anything.


The Pillion Passenger said...

i didn't get the joke. then i did. it was early what can i say. big cas is a legend, tony goal they call him in france, his book is the best sports autobiog i've ever read.

Reidski said...

Hilarious joke. And, yes, I would say his autobiography is right up there with the best.