Monday, June 04, 2007

Who Needs Babelfish? Primavera Band Profiles #1

The Fall

Indisputable legend of the post-punk and hidden personage in the interior lining of the rock history, Mark E. Smith remains pawned in contradicting the laws of the genetics and, at almost three decades of his debut, gives reasons to believe in a present as resplendent as his past. To "Reformation Post-TLC", his last album, it is necessary to add his collaboration with Mouse On Mars and an endless rosary of concerts that continue presenting The Fall as the great brut diamond of the British post-punk. Repetitive melodies, unintelligible bellows and lessons of history. Almost nothing.


Tom said...

I reckon MES wrote that

John said...

Hi Tom--

Yup, that thought had crossed our mind. It's tempting to read it in his voice!