Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Who Needs Babelfish? Primavera Band Profiles #4

Shannon Wright

Shannon Wright, by walking through the fire without burning and licking her wounds in public, has made herself strong in a rough rock that shakes, disturbs and gets in the deepest of your guts, like PJ Harvey's. Writer of disarming works as "Flightsafety", "Dyed in the Wool" and "Over the Sun", the former Crowsdell will be on the front page again next May with the release of "Let in the Light", where Andy Baker makes a special appearance. Just a few days later, the singer from Jacksonville will debut in Estrella Damm Primavera Sound.


Anonymous said...

We saw Shannon Wright live at All Tomorrow's Parties. She absolutely rocks. Fantastic.

John said...

Cool. ATP and Primavera have some sort of twinning arrangement between them, so some bands play both. I'm afraid I missed her at Primavera but will definitely check her out.